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King's Bowl Sports & Leisure Company
King's Bowl Sports & Leisure Co. Ltd.
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Maple - Tembec :
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Tembec offers performance-engineered sports floor systems that provide uncompromised safety, durability and performance. The Temsport product line offer a range of floating sports flooring systems, one of which will meet the needs of your installation. In all of its sports floor system, Tembec makes use of the very best quality components. These components include sleepers, softwood lumber and panel products.

Tembec's standards meet or exceed the grading rules set out by the Canadian Lumberman's Association (C.L.A) in all areas including color, average length and serviceability. The C.L.A. Standards for maple flooring meet or exceed those of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (M.F.M.A.).
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